We are often resistant to taking a look at areas of our lives, that seem broken, yet often these areas have the most potential for payback and reward. In life we frequently go to battle against ourselves as we fight thoughts and feelings that do not conform to the way we think it should be.

By avoiding the edges and feelings of our own emotional ebbs and flows to life, we fail to benefit from the greatest rewards. This complacency and avoidance becomes the unseen barrier to fulfilling our limitless potential.

  • The point process method creates a competency to life by facing these emotions and edges.
  • The point process method engages, distinguishes and develops all levels of your personal self
  • The point process method heightens and attunes your receptivity to life itself, leaving you empowered with the tools necessary to exceed your greatest potential, and live the life you always wanted to live!!!!!
  • The point process method reflects the dance between grace and personal effort in this mindfulness process.

The course features:

  • The flexibility to fit around your weekly schedule.
  • Individual, personalized weekly tutorials by experienced professionals.
  • Theoretical and practical learning materials.
  • An online study and personal growth community.
  • A five-day live practical encounter.
  • For more information about the dates of the program or any other information, please contact us.
    We will be glad to answer your questions.

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